Fleetwood Mac

Live in Seattle 17.01.1970

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By their US tour of early 1970 Fleetwood Mac live were combining their love of the blues with extended versions of their own songs, leavened by a smattering of 50’s rock’n’roll classics. The version of Rattlesnake Shake here breaks through the twenty minute barrier, whilst covers of Let Me Love You, Stranger Blues, Baby Please Set A Date and Great Balls Of Fire never made it on to a studio album. Double vinyl LP recorded for FM radio. Comes with full credits and extensive sleevenotes. Recorded at the Eagles Auditorium, Seattle on January 17th 1970 and broadcast on KOL-FM.


Side One:

1. Let Me Love You
2. Like It This Way
3. Only You
4. Madison Blues
5. Baby Please Set A Date.

Side Two:

1. Homework
2. Stranger Blues
3. The Sun Is Shining
4. World In Harmony
5. Great Balls Of Fire.

Side Three:

1. Rattlesnake Shake.

Side Four:

1. Jenny Jenny
2. Teenage Darling
3. I'm Ready