Live In Rio '93

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Prior to the release of their raw and uncompromising In Utero album in September 1993, Nirvana played in various parts of the world, kicking off with two shows in Brazil in January as part of the Hollywood Rock Festival. The performance featured here, from Praça Da Apoteose, Rio De Janeiro on January 23rd, for broadcast by MTV Brazil and finds the band performing tracks spanning their entire career. With guest appearance from Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers playing trumpet on Smells Like Teen Spirit.


1-1 L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Jam)
1-2 School
1-3 Drain You
1-4 Breed
1-5 Sliver
1-6 In Bloom
1-7 Come As You Are
1-8 Love Buzz
1-9 Possibilities (Jam)
1-10 Lithium
1-11 Polly
1-12 About A Girl
1-13 Smells Like Teen Spirit
1-14 On A Plain
1-15 Negative Creep
1-16 Been A Son
2-1 Blew
2-2 Heart-Shaped Box
2-3 Scentless Apprentice
2-4 Sweet Emotion (Jam)
2-5 Dive
2-6 Lounge Act
2-7 Aneurysm
2-8 Territorial Pissings