Spacemen 3

Live In Europe 1989

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Limited 2LP : Limited edition orange/green splattered double vinyl

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Originally issued in 1995, this is a document of the Spacemen 3 1989 European tour, recorded in Germany.
"Suicide (Version 2)" is the full 16 minute recording, not the truncated, 7 minute 30 second edit featured on the 'Live In Europe' CD.
A1 Rollercoaster
A2 Mary Anne
A3 Bo Diddley Jam
A4 2:35
B1 Walkin' With Jesus
B2 I Believe It
B3 Lord Can You Hear Me?
B4 Things'll Never Be The Same
C1 Starship
C2 Revolution
C3 Suicide
D1 Take Me To The Other Side
D2 Suicide (Version 2)