Black Crowes

Live Houston 1993

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Georgia rockers The Black Crowes remain a mean, greased fighting machine whose chosen weapon is the unforgiving hellfire of rock 'n' roll. Back in 1990, fresh-faced and fully loaded, the band were on the cusp of grabbing the headlines and recording a run of acclaimed albums that would once again light the fuse of incendiary rock. Between the hysteria, the lazy critics and being thrown off tour with ZZ Top, we catch the band in full flight, on stage and on fire live from Sam Houston Coliseum, Texas on February 6th, 1993 for a rip-roaring performance broadcast by KLOL-FM. Simply put, The Black Crowes were raging, rebellious innovators, bent on kicking ass and not licking anyone's.


Disc 1
1 No Speak No Slave
2 Sting Me
3 Hard to Handle
4 My Morning Song/Jam
5 Thorn in My Pride
6 Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
7 Twice As Hard

Disc 2
1 Black Moon Creeping
2 Thick and Thin
3 Hotel Illness
4 Stare It Cold
5 Three Little Birds
6 Sometimes Salvation
7 Jealous Again
8 Remedy