James Brown

Live At The Apollo

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Limited LP : Blue Vinyl / 180 Gram Deluxe Gatefold

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An astonishing record of James and the Flames tearing the roof off the sucker at the mecca of R&B theatres, New York's Apollo. When King Records owner Syd Nathan refused to fund the recording, thinking it commercial folly, Brown single-mindedly proceeded anyway, paying for it out of his own pocket. He had been out on the road night after night for a while, and he knew that the magic that was part and parcel of a James Brown show was something no record had ever caught.

Hit follows hit without a pause -- "I'll Go Crazy," "Try Me," "Think," "Please Please Please," "I Don't Mind," "Night Train," and more. The affirmative screams and cries of the audience are something you've never experienced unless you've seen the Brown Revue in a Black theatre. If you have, I need not say more; if you haven't, suffice to say that this should be one of the very first records you ever own.


A2 I'll Go Crazy
A3 Try Me
A4 Think
A5a Please, Please, Please
A5b You’ve Got The Power
A5c I Found Someone
A5d Why Do You Do Me?
A5e I Want You So Bad
A5f I Love You, Yes I Do
A5g Strange Things Happen
A5h Bewildered
B1 I Don't Mind
B2 Lost Someone
B3 Night Train