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Limited 2LP : Indies Exclusive 180g Transparent Blue Vinyl

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The new album from Joan As Police Woman with her incredible band, captured live in the studio in New York documenting their 2018 ‘Damned Devotion’ world tour. In a year when most of the world pressed ‘Pause’ Joan has guested on the new Gorillaz album, released her second album of covers (‘Cover Two’), written a new studio album (expected in late 2021) and finished work on ‘Live'.

Recorded live at Faraway Jazz Studios New York at the end of 2018 and mixed during lockdown, this is an oft-requested, long-awaited chance to hear Joan As Police Woman and her amazing band in all their free, live expansive glory.

Joan Wasser: “Between the time ‘Damned Devotion’ was released on Feb 14th 2018 and when we recorded the live album on November 27th, 2018 we had been on the road for a good six months. The show we presented at the first gig in Istanbul was very different from the hometown show we played in NYC upon our return. Music is a living thing that grows and morphs and fills each new space like water. This album is the record of this progression. Parker Kindred, Jacob Silver, Eric Lane and I love playing together. This fact is clear if you’ve had the chance to catch us live. Over time, we developed a trust and dedication to creating music in the moment and rolling with it as it finds new expression. Each night felt like taking a new path through an enchanted forest.

“After we’d slept off a bit of jet lag, we assembled at Robin Macmillan’s Faraway Jazz Studios. We were fortunate to be Robin’s final session due to the ever- changing whims of Brooklyn landlords. We recorded our 17-song set straight through without pause. While we didn’t have our fans there to catch it in real time, we played like it was our final show of the year, which it was.

“When lockdown happened in March 2020, I rode my bike each day to Trout Recording to meet the house engineer, Adam Sachs, to mix the record. Working with these tracks, which felt so full of life, helped us get through that time. I am forever grateful to Adam for his incredible focus and dedication to the music. I’ve been asked many times to make a live album. HERE IT IS. I hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.”

 “A voice so wondrous and moving that it makes everyone else’s seem ordinary and mundane” - The Guardian

“Beautiful” - Q

“Joan As Police Woman is one of the 21st century’s best musicians” - The


Warning Bell
Tell Me
Eternal Flame
Damned Devotion
Start of My Heart
What Was It Like
Valid Jagger
Rely On
I Defy
Talk About It Later
Silly Me
Run for Love
The Silence
The Magic Kiss (Prince)