The Wedding Present

Live 2012:Seamonsters Played Live In Manchester

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The Wedding Present, recorded and filmed at the Ritz, Manchester, on 9 November 2012. This double disc release includes both a CD and a DVD of the concert. Following the release of Seamonsters in 1991 the Guardian newspaper noted that: “Engineer Steve Albini has given The Wedding Present considerable weight, with Gedge’s voice trickling between banks of scowling guitars” and went on to feature the LP in its list of ‘1,000 albums to hear before you die’. Despite its uncompromising sound the album reached No. 13 in the British album charts and has been hailed as a classic.


01. End Credits
02. Sports Car*
03. The Girl From The Ddr
04. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
05. My Favourite Dress
06. Don't Touch That Dial*
07. Deer Caught In The Headlights
08. Dalliance
09. Dare
10. Suck
11. Blonde
12. Rotterdam
13. Lovenest
14. Corduroy
15. Carolyn
16. Heather
17. Octopussy
18. Click Click
19. What Have I Said Now?