Live 1970

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Double CD.

Originally recorded for broadcast on WBCN-FM, live from Tanglewood Music Centre, MA on 7th July 1970.


A1 Bill Graham Introduction > Heaven & Hell
A2 I Can't Explain
A3 Water
A4 I Don't Even Know Myself
A5 Young Man Blues
A6 Tommy Introduction > Overture
A7 It's A Boy
A8 1921
A9 Amazing Journey
A10 Sparks
A11 Eyesight To The Blind
A12 Christmas
B1 Acid Queen
B2 Pinball Wizard
B3 Do You Think It's Alright?
B4 Fiddle About
B5 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
B6 There's A Doctor
B7 Go To The Mirror
B8 Smash The Mirror
B9 Miracle Cure
B10 I'm Free
B11 Tommy's Holiday Camp
B12 We're Not Gonna Take It
B13 See Me, Feel Me
B14 My Generation
B15 Bill Graham Outro > Closing Comments