Sunn O)))

Life Metal

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Limited 2LP : UK Exclusive Galaxy Vinyl [Released: 23/09/2022]

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“Steve Albini’s all-analogue production and the contribution of guests...add heft and texture to sounds that combine Sunn O)))’s customary force with a subtlety that can be astonishing. More mellifluous than menacing despite its formidable display of power. Life Metal may be the richest work in the band’s 21-year mission to reconfigure Tony Iommi-worthy riffage into a soundtrack for mindful meditation.” MOJO 4/5 review

“As ever, subtle collaborative shifts reveal themselves gradually: no big names this time a la Scott Walker (RIP) , though some contributions are no less startling.” NARC ALBUM OF THE MONTH

'Among the densest and most compelling recordings of their two decade 

'Monstrously Beautiful' PROG MAGAZINE

1. Between Sleipnirs Breaths (12.36)
2. Troubled Air (11.45)
3. Aurora (19.06)
4. Novæ (26.24)