Serge Gainsbourg

Le Zenith de Gainsbourg

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3LP or double CD.

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In the fall of 1987, Serge Gainsbourg's success was at its zenith, both literally and figuratively: as his sixtieth birthday approached, he was preparing to take over the arena at the Porte de Pantin. Recorded during concerts on March 23, 24 and 25, 1988, Le Zénith de Gainsbourg would not appear until a year later, on April 10, 1989. In 2021, Le Zénith de Gainsbourg is now be released on two CDs and a triple LP offering for the first time five previously unavailable songs: In addition to unreleased tracks, meticulous cleaning work track by track has significantly improved sharpness and a more performance-friendly mix.


A1 You’re Under Arrest 6:09
A2 Qui Est "In" Qui Est "Out" 3:55
A3 Five Easy Pisseuses 4:09
A4 Baille Baille Samantha 3:33
A5 Sorry Angel 3:56
B1 Suck Baby Suck 4:18
B2 Eau Et Gaz À Tous Les Étages 0:54
B3 Hey Man Amen 4:32
B4 L’Homme À Tête De Chou 4:47
B5 Dispatch Box 3:13
C1 Mon Légionnaire 6:06
C2 Manon 2:40
C3 Valse De Melody 2:12
C4 Harley David Son Of A Bitch 9:01
D1 You You You But Not You 2:55
D2 Seigneur Et Saigneur 2:29
D3 La Javanaise 3:20
D4 Bonnie And Clyde 5:02
D5 Gloomy Sunday 4:03
E1 Présentation Des Musiciens 2:19
E2 Couleur Café 4:19
E3 Love On The Beat 7:32
E4 Aux Armes Et Cætera 4:18
F1 Aux Enfants De La Chance 5:01
F2 Les Dessous Chics 3:31
F3 Mon Légionnaire 6:32