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Here are eleven songs tracing the intimate story of a French provincial dude of Antilles ancestry, who has reached the big city full of dreams and hopes and has discovered the tragic twist between expectations and reality, through the challenges of French education.

The single SLALOM, out last year, and BDE, about postgraduation depression, homesickness (Bled, out February, 14 on Pitchfork’s praised underground label La Souterraine), burning dancefloors (Coup d’un soir) and 80s disco (Sexam- our), internet stalking (Soleil Glace, with underground poetess Sabine Happard chanting Paul Eluard), wet dreams (trappy Prosecco, and Khaleesi with afro- futurist artist Pierre Kwenders from Montreal singing in dothraki language).

Regularly invited by peers such as Clea Vincent in her Sooo Pop nights (Voyou, Corine.), and himself organizing French Pop parties who have invited the likes of Juliette Armanet, Mustang or The pirouettes.

  1. Bled
  2. Soleil glac ft. Sabine Happard
  3. BDE
  4. Bunker
  5. Prosecco
  6. Coup d’un soir
  7. Khaleesi ft. Pierre Kwenders
  8. Sexamour
  9. Solo
  10. Slalom
  11. Pas de souci