Allah Las


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Limited LP : Limited indies-only edition on translucent orange vinyl

Dinked : Limited 'Dinked' edition of 500 copies on mint green vinyl with 6 postcards SOLD OUT

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The 4th full-length from California's Allah-Las with a title inspired by a popular misspelling of the band's name.

“We’ve been traveling a lot the past couple years and I think that played a role in influencing the broader variety of songs on this record” Correia explains. And this is precisely what sets "LAHS" apart from its predecessors -- a record inspired less by time, but by place. ""LAHS" to me feels like a soundtrack to the past 5 years or so. A sort of
audio postcard to anyone who wants to listen." This sentiment is echoed in the album’s artwork — a collection of exotic postcards, postmarked from equally exotic locals (designed by Matt Correia & Robbie Simon ).
Tracking was done mostly by the band at their own studio in Los Angeles, allowing them more time and space to experiment with tunes and tones. Producer/Engineer Jarvis Taveniere (Woods) was brought in to help polish it off, resulting in a sound both crisp and clear while keeping with the warmth and atmosphere the band are known for.

1. Holding Pattern
2. Keeping Dry
3. In The Air
4. Prazer Em Te Conhecer
5. Roco Ono
6. Star
7. Royal Blues
8. Electricity
9. Light Yearly
10. Polar Onion

11. On Our Way
12. Houston
13. Pleasure