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Jesse Kanda is a visual artist and musician widely known for his modern gothic surrealist art, especially his work with Björk, Arca, and FKA twigs, and in recent years for his own musical output as Doon Kanda. The album has a narrative arc of building chaos, peaking with ‘’Mino’, then a resolve of clarity at ‘Bunny’. Jesse hopes listeners experience ‘Labyrinth’ in its presented order, while maybe flipping through the artwork in the accompanying full size 10 page picture book.
A1. Polycephaly
A2. Dio
A3. Gut
A4. Enigma
A5. Wing
A6. Nastasya
B1. Pieridae
B2. Mino
B3. Search
B4. Bunny
B5. Garnet
B6. Forgive
B7. Entrance