L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters + L.A.M.F. Demo Sessions

  • Released: 05/11/2021
  • Label: Jungle
  • Genre: Punk

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First issued as a much sought-after vinyl LP for RSD in July 2021, now this CD version comes together with a bonus CD - 'the L.A.M.F. demos, plus'; a 19-track collection of four demo sessions from 1976-77 and three tracks from singles. It’s packaged in a hardcover 32-page book, with notes by Simon Wright and a 2012 interview with Walter Lure (the last of the LAMF Heartbreakers who sadly passed away in 2020), together with rarely-seen photos.

Upon release in 1977, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers’ L.A.M.F. had a mastering fault, widely condemned as a ‘muddy mix’. Track Records went bust and the master was lost – so subsequent releases were compiled from outtakes or re-mixes. Forty-four years later, the master has been found in the attic of producer Daniel Secunda, a crystal-clear 1977 ‘Copy Master'.  Now L.A.M.F. can at last be heard as the band and producers intended!


Disc 1. The Found ’77 Masters: Born Too Loose, Baby Talk, All By Myself, I Wanna Be Loved, It’s Not Enough, Chinese Rocks, Get Off The Phone, Pirate Love, One Track Mind, I Love You, Goin’ Steady, Let Go, Can’t Keep My Eyes On You, Do You Love Me. 

Disc 2. The Demo Sessions, Plus: Born To Lose, Chinese Rocks, Born Too Loose, Chinese Rocks, Let Go, Can’t Keep My Eyes On You, I Love You, It’s Not Enough, Do You Love Me, Take A Chance, Born To Lose, I Wanna Be Loved, Going Steady, Flight, Pirate Love, Give Her A Great Big Kiss, Too Much Junkie Business, London Boys, Can’t Keep My Eyes On You (live).