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Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based vibraphonist Joel Ross with his first album for Blue Note, backed by his Good Vibes band of Immanuel Wilkins on alto sax, Jeremy Corren on piano, Benjamin Tiberio on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums.

Californian vocalist Gretchen Parlato guests on "Freda's Disposition".



  1. Touched By An Angel

  2. Prince Lynn's Twin

  3. The Grand Struggle Against Fear

  4. Ill Relations

  5. Is It Love That Inspires You?

  6. Interlude (Bass solo)

  7. Kingmaker

  8. Freda's Disposition feat. Gretchen Parlato

  9. With Whom Do You Learn Trust?

  10. Grey

  11. Yana

  12. It's Already Too Late