Karma & Desire

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Limited 2LP : 140g Clear Vinyl in 12” Silver foil metallic bag with black print.

2LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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Brand new album from sonic surgeon and techno auteur Darren J. Cunningham aka Actress.

  1. Fire and Light
  2. Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela)
  3. Remembrance (feat. Zsela)
  4. Reverend
  5. Leaves Against The Sky
  6. Save
  7. VVY (feat. Sampha)
  8. XRAY
  9. Gliding Squares
  10. Many Seas, Many Rivers (feat. Sampha)
  11. Loveless (feat. Aura T-09)
  12. Public Life (feat. Vanessa Benelli Mosell)
  13. Fret
  14. Loose (feat. Christel Well)
  15. Turin (feat. Aura T-09)
  16. Diamond X
  17. Walking Flames (feat. Sampha)