Molly Sarlé

Karaoke Angel

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The debut album from one third of Vermont's Appalachian folk group Mountain Man brings open-hearted, unflinching songwriting perfect for late-night karaoke comedowns, plaintive morning walks, and conjuring the spirit world.

The work on "Karaoke Angel" began in a trailer on a the pacific coast and continued with stints in Los Angeles and Durham, NC. Recorded in a church-turned-recording studio in Woodstock, NY with production by Sam Evian, a minimal but carefully assembled palette of guitar, bass, and percussion form the foundation; an orchestra of unrecognizable atmospherics bounce off the high ceilings—but Molly’s delicate, expressive voice is always at the center.

Throughout the record there are unflinching, open-hearted moments-Sarlé sings about being in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction (“This Close”), and a real conversation she had with her father about him considering suicide (“Almost Free”). But there's also humor throughout like getting stoned and channeling the spirit world (“Faith For Doubt”), or making post-coital grilled cheese (“Suddenly").
1. Human
2. This Close
3. Karaoke Angel
4. Almost Free
5. Twisted
6. Faith For Doubt
7. Kimberly
8. Dreams
9. Suddenly
10. Passenger Side