Juno Way

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Following the release of his excellent debut on Barcelona’s Lapsus Records, Wordcolour lands on Houndstooth with an astounding EP of next generation club music. The London-based producer invites us into his musical world as we journey through three highly detailed soundscapes, both emotionally resonant and functional for the floor.

Wordcolour delivers the same sort of leftfield yet eminently danceable electronic stylings that one hears on the producer’s Lapsus Records EP ‘Tell Me Something’.

With a background in jazz, pop and contemporary classical, Wordcolour has also previously produced music for TV and theatre.

‘Juno Way EP’ demonstrates his diverse musical knowledge with dynamic and engaging compositions, making nods to the best of contemporary UK experimentation, these cinematic tracks deftly switch between tempos all the while retaining Wordcolour’s own aesthetic signature.

Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Metropolis.


I Waited For You This Morning