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Juke Joint Jump - Whole Lotta

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Here are thirty slices of hot, rocking blues recorded and performed for just one purpose - dancing, getting down and having a real good time. This music was made for jukeboxes and specifically for jukeboxes in African American areas of the United States be they rural or urban. The music on this collection and its companion 'Juke Joint Jump - Boogie Like You Wanna' (JASMCD3173) was recorded between 1944 and 1960.
The urban juke joints or 'clubs' especially those in Chicago, were very influential in the rise of R&B across America during the 1950s and most of the big stars of blues performed regularly in these clubs and this is the era in which most of the music on these two volumes emanated.

Despite the passage of time these 30 recordings rock with a vengeance that should satisfy anyone's dancing feet. So, just like they did back in the day, roll back the carpet, pour yourself a drink and just let the good times roll.


Baby Boy Warren - Hello Stranger
Sammy Myers - My Love Is Here To Stay
Papa Lightfoot - Wild Fire
Pee Wee Hughes - Country Boy Blues
Eddie Hope - A Fool No More
Lee Brown - Round The World Boogie
Charlie Booker - Walked All Night Take 2
Little Al - Easy Ridin' Buggy
Sleepy John Estes - Running Around
Charley Bradix - Boogie Like You Wanna
King Charles - Bop Cat Stomp
Ernest Lewis - Loudella
Pinetop Slim - Applejack Boogie
Alfred Wallace (The Fat Man) - Glad, I Dont Worry No More
Johnny Beck - You Gotta Lay Down Mama
John Lee - Blind's Blues
Tony Hollins - Crawlin King Snake
Earl Hooker - Alley Corn
Woodrow Adams The Last Time
Eddie Taylor - I'm Gonna Love You
Boy Green - Play My Juke Box
Wright Holmes - Good Road Blues
Jimmy Rogers/Little Walter - Little Store Blues Take 2
Left Hand Charlie - Whole Lot Of Drinkin On The Block
Ole Sonny Boy - You Better Change
Little Sam Davis - 1958 Blues
Alex Moore - Lillie Mae Boogie
Schoolboy Cleve - She's Gone
Big Joe Williams - Ride My New Car With Me
Big Chenier - Let Me Hold Your Hand