Tom Odell

Jubilee Road

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Tom's third studio album released in 2018. The songwriting was inspired by Odell's neighbours while living in a terraced street in east London. He said about this period: “At the time I was actually thinking about taking a break from music, I was thinking about stepping back for six months, but then I moved into this house and just felt inspired by the neighbours and the community I was living in and actually wrote the album pretty quickly.” Besides the neighbourhood Odell drew inspiration from his own life as well: “The best way I can describe it is there are some characters in some of the songs – in Son of an Only Child I imagine this babysitter with this young boy and then the young boy’s older and he’s part of this lost generation and he feels angry. In another song ["Queen of Diamonds"] there’s this gambling addict who is desperately gambling to try and satisfy his own addiction but also someone else because he thinks it’s going to save him. In all of them they’re partly things I’ve observed but also they’re partly myself as well and partly things I’ve witnessed and experienced.”


Jubilee Road 5:13
If You Wanna Love Somebody 4:22
Son of an Only Child 4:35
You're Gonna Break My Heart Tonight 4:38
China Dolls 4:00
Queen of Diamonds 4:34
Half As Good As You 3:30
Go Tell Her Now 3:51
Don't Belong In Hollywood 3:55
Wedding Day 4:16