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What happens when two of the best in their game go on tour together? Record a 7” EP to accompany said tour…

The’s and The Masonics (including Miss Ludella Black) have been friends for longer then they can remember. In 2022, The Masonics joined The’s on their five-night UK tour, with Ludella Black joining both groups onstage too.

The's formed when Sachiko and Yoshiko "Ronnie" Fujiyama, two sisters from Tokyo who both shared a passion for rock and roll, founded the band in 1986 with two other members. After several line-up changes (including the bassist Yoshiko "Yama" Yamaguchi, who was the bassist featured in the Kill Bill movie), the band eventually became a trio. Yoshiko and Sachiko are still the main components in the band, and now Akiko Omo has rejoined the band as the bass guitarist (she originally joined The's in the early 1990s).

The's sound draws from multiple genres of music, including rock and roll, surf, rockabilly, doo-wop, punk rock and psychobilly.

The Masonics are the Kings Of Medway Beat! Why? Well, with Mickey Hampshire (The Milkshakes, Mickey And The Salty Seadogs, Mickey And Ludella), Bruce Brand (The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, Auntie Vegetable, Thee Headcoats, The Kravin’ “A”s, The Clique, Dutronc, The Voo-Dooms and more) and John Gibbs (The Wildebeests, The Kaisers), this Medway-based trio have got enough rhythm ’n’ beat and rock ’n’ roll in their blood streams to stop the world!

Since 1991 The Masonics have been raising roofs all across the land, and disturbing audio grooves on at least ten studio albums and nine singles. There’s no stopping them!


1. The's - Daddy Goes Out Jail 03:16
2. The's - Help 01:48
3. The Masonics - New Rose 02:26
4. The Masonics - You've Been Warned