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Digipak CD reissue

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CD reissue of 1969 psychedelic blues classic on Stable Records, original copied sell for upwards of £400.0. Band Line-up: Bass Andy Rae Drums John Pearson Guitar Jaklin Piano, Organ Tommy Eyre Producer Douglas Mew
Variety within the somewhat strict framework of the blues format is something rare and elusive, and although musicians aspire to it and audiences long for it, failure and disappointment are usually their respective rewards. Yet unlike so many other musical forms, variety within blues does not necessarily mean an excess of complexity, sophistication, poetry or melody: it is the contiguity of blues and genuine personal feelings that constitutes the prime essential, for without it everything down to the most basic twelve-bar becomes inherently meaningless. This first album by Jaklin demonstrates how a young composer and singer with an ingrained feeling for contemporary blues manages to produce songs which are both emotionally evocative yet simple enough to be tremendously vehicular - just take a listen to the weaving and pounding, the blending and harmony of the instrumentation on most of the tracks on this LP.

At 24, Jaklin has been living and playing the blues for many years. This LP marks an important phase not only in his career but in the British blues movement in general.-Norman Jopling


Song To Katherine
Look For Me Baby
Early In The Morning
Just Been Left Again
The Same For You
I Can't Go On
Going Home
I'm Leaving
Catfish Blues