Alex Chilton

It Isn't Always That Easy / If You Would Marry Me

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Two demos from Sister Ray favourite Alex Chilton, recorded in sessions at the Ardent studio in 1969, but not released on the superb "Free Again" compilation that collected most recordings from those sessions, with Alex in transition from the end of The Box Tops and the start of Big Star.

“ It Isn’t Always That Easy” is the real knockout. A tender, acoustic ballad that, stylistically, could have appeared Big Star’s “#1 Record”. A deeply affecting, ruminative lament that explores the ravages of Alex’s short career to date, it is also one of the sweetest and most delicate melodies he ever wrote. A song this stunning shouldn’t just be kept for the Big Star completists. Over on the flip, “If You Would Marry Me” finds Alex in earnestly romantic mode. It’s just him and a piano, albeit one that is played in a poppy, uplifting fashion to complement the optimistic mood: “I could make you feel so glad inside and so alive” he confidently declares.

It Isn't Always That Easy

If You Would Marry Me