Dream Wife

IRL (Live In London 2020)

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Limited LP on orange vinyl

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Following the recent release of their Top 20 charting second album So When You Gonna..., Dream Wife (Alice Go, Bella Podpadec and Rakel Mjöll) now release live album IRL – Live in London 2020. Fortuitously recorded by their FOH engineer at London's Peckham Audio this past January, it documents what was expected to be the band’s first of many shows of 2020. Featuring highlights from their first and second albums, plus the previously unreleased song Cheap Thrills, the recording has undoubtedly captured a blistering performance that showcases the trio's trademark ferocity.


1. Hey Heartbreaker (Live In London 2020) 05:01
2. So When You Gonna... (Live In London 2020) 03:59
3. Hasta La Vista (Live In London 2020) 03:47
4. Cheap Thrills (Live In London 2020) 03:51
5. Somebody (Live In London 2020) 04:31
6. Kids (Live In London 2020) 04:16
7. Sports! (Live In London 2020) 03:16
8. F.U.U. (Live In London 2020) 08:00
9. Let's Make Out (Live In London 2020)