Iowa (2022 Reissue)

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Limited 2LP : Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

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It's 2001. You've just bought a baggie black hoodie from Birmingham market to replace the Sweater Shop garms of a few years before. Your jeans are dark blue, over-sized and not yet quite trodden down enough at the backs of your shoes so each step is hampered by a heelful of denim. You wrote "People=Shit" on your pencil case in maths on Friday afternoon. These sounds are somehow congruent to the tedious suburban shithole you inhabit and the album dwells on your minidisc player on a loop...


01 (515)
02 People = Shit
03 Disasterpiece
04 My Plague
05 Everything Ends
06 The Heretic Anthem
07 Gently
08 Left Behind
09 The Shape
10 I Am Hated
11 Skin Ticket
12 New Abortion
13 Metabolic
14 Iowa