Shuggie Otis

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Limited LP : Limited edition of 1500 copies on 'flaming' yellow and orange marbled vinyl

Limited LP : Limited edition yellow vinyl

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The 3rd album from Shuggie Otis, originally released in 1974.

The album was not successful on release but is now rightly acknowledged as a classic psychedelic soul/funk opus.

Shuggie's previous 2 albums were recorded as a teenager with aid from his father, R&B pioneer Johnny Otis, but on this album he found his own style, eschewing the blues for a more original take on songwriting and production.


A1 Inspiration / Information
A2 Island Letter
A3 Sparkle City
A4 Aht Uh Mi Hed
B1 Happy House
B2 Rainy Day
B3 Xl-30
B4 Pling!
B5 Not Available