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Unbeknownst to the public, Freddie Mercury had been diagnosed with the AIDS virus in the late '80s. Although his health weakened by the '90s, Mercury insisted that the band work on music until the very end, thus their final album turned out to be 1991's Innuendo. A fitting ending to a remarkable journey, Innuendo was another strong album and global hit (going gold in the U.S.).


1-1 Innuendo
1-2 I'm Going Slightly Mad
1-3 Headlong
1-4 I Can't Live With You
1-5 Don't Try So Hard
1-6 Ride The Wild Wind
1-7 All God's People
1-8 These Are The Days Of Our Lives
1-9 Delilah
1-10 The Hitman
1-11 Bijou
1-12 The Show Must Go On
Bonus EP
2-1 I Can't Live With You (1997 Rocks Retake)
2-2 Lost Opportunity (B-Side)
2-3 Ride The Wild Wind (Early Version With Guide Vocal)
2-4 I’m Going Slightly Mad (Mad Mix)
2-5 Headlong (Embryo With Guide Vocal)