Friendly Fires


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Over 8 years since "Pala", Friendly Fires finally return with their 3rd album.

The hiatus had left some to question whether we'd ever see another full length Friendly Fires record but once the three band members - Ed Macfarlane, Edd Gibson and Jack Savidge , friends since the age of eleven - reconvened in
Macfarlane's parents' St Albans garage (the scene of much of their early recorded output) at the tail end of 2017,
things were never really in doubt.
1. Can’t Wait Forever

2. Heaven Let Me In

3. Silhouettes

4. Offline

5. Sleeptalking

6. Kiss and Rewind

7. Love Like Waves

8. Lack Of Love

9. Cry Wolf

10. Almost Midnight

11. Run The Wild Flowers