In The Beginning

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Limited LP : 180g Orange Vinyl

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The story of how Yes came into being in the late 60’s is a matter of legend.

The band’s formative period nevertheless remains a remarkable tale not least because, unlike many other groups they would go on to survive for decades to come. Much of Yes’ very early work was both excellent and compelling, offering something different and more thoughtful than the music of many of their contemporaries. We can relish and admire the very early work of this serious, earnest group of musicians as we have never heard them before. The performances presented here from ‘Nightride’, ‘Pop-Eye’ and live from Switzerland’s Chikito Club, showcase the band at their early best, in superb fidelity with background notes and imagery.


Nightride Sessions,
early 1968, BBC Radio 1
1 Beyond and Before
2 Images of You and Me
3 Jeanetta

Pop-Eye, Brussels, Belgium,
15th October 1969 Belgium TV
4 Beyond and Before
5 Survival

Chikito Club, Bern, Switzerland,
27th November 1969 Swiss TV
6 Dear Father
7 Every Days
8 Sweetness
9 Something’s Coming