John Lee Hooker

I'm A Boogie Man - The Best Of

  • Released: 23/07/2021
  • Label: Wagram
  • Genre: Blues

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Fantastic double CD and double LP of the best from the American blues singer.



A1. Boom Boom

A2. Boogie Chillun

A3. Crawling King Snake

A4. I Love You Baby

A5. Hobo Blues

A6. Little Wheel

A7. Drive Me Away

A8. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman

B1. I'm A Boogie Man

B2. I Need Some Money

B3. Bundle Up And Go

B4. Mad Man blues

B5. You Can Lead Me Baby

B6. Worried Life Blues

B7. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

B8. No More Doggin'

C1. Dimples

C2. Please Don't Go

C3. I Love You Honey

C4. I Don't Want Your Money

C5. High Priced Woman

C6. Just Me And My Telephone

C7. I'm Goin' Upstairs

C8. Walkin' The Boogie

D1. I'm In The Mood

D2. Shake, Holler And Run

D3. Leave My Wife Alone

D4. Blues Before Sunrise

D5. I'm Ready

D6. Wandering Blues

D7. Sally Mae

D8. Boogie Rambler



1. Boom Boom

2. I'm A Boogie Man

3. Boogie Chillun

4. I Need Some Money

5. Crawling King Snake

6. Bundle Up And Go

7. I Love You Baby

8. Mad Man Blues

9. You Can Lead Me Baby

10. Hobo Blues

11. Little Wheel

12. Worried Life Blues

13. Drive Me Away

14. No More Doggin'

15. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

16. Dusty Road

17. Let's Make It

18. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

19. Every Night

20. Maudie

21. Time Is Marching

22. Hug And Squeeze You

23. The Syndicate

24. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman



1. Dimples

2. I'm In The Mood

3. Please Don't Go

4. Shake, Holler And Run

5. I Love You Honey

6. Leave My Wife Alone

7. I Don't Want Your Money

8. Blues Before Sunrise

9. High Priced Woman

10. I'm Ready

11. Just Me And My Telephone

12. Boogie Rambler

13. I'm Going Upstairs

14. Good Mornin' Lil' School Girl

15. Goin' To California

16. Thelma

17. Baby Lee

18. What Do You Say

19. Turn Over A New Leaf

20. I'm Going Upstairs

21. I'm So Excited

22. Walkin' The Boogie

23. Wandering The Blues

24. Sally Mae