Jim Sullivan

If The Evening Were Dawn

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"If The Evening Were Dawn" contains 10 acoustic solo recordings that have never seen the light of day.
Whereas Jim's debut album "U.F.O." was bolstered by legendary session musicians The Wrecking Crew, this is Jim Sullivan on his own terms, stripped down and soulful as ever. Recorded at a Los Angeles studio circa 1969, the session contains acoustic versions of a handful of "U.F.O." tracks alongside a half dozen previously unheard songs. This, then,
is the closest thing to those fabled Malibu bar performances at which Sullivan was first noticed. According to his widow, Barbara, this was the album Jim always hoped to record. It serves as an unprecedented glimpse into the mysterious, larger-than-life figure who’s become the stuff of legends.
While Sullivan’s disappearance remains unsolved, his music endures and is finally gaining him the recognition he deserves, albeit long overdue. This recording serves as an unexpected missing piece of the puzzle; this is Jim Sullivan’s true swan song.
Roll Back The Time




What To Tell Her

Grandpa's Trip

So Natural

Whistle Stop / Mama, What Is My Name

Close My Eyes