Jimmy Nelson

I Sat And Cried / She's My Baby (Smokey's In Town)

  • Released: 25/03/2022
  • Label: Kent
  • Genre: Blues

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Some records are irresistible. Jimmy Nelson’s ‘I Sat And Cried’ is an easy-going swinger of a disc that you feel you’ve always known – even on first hearing. It is a future classic that somehow has managed to stay a secret for decades. That is likely down to it being so rare (for whatever reason) that it doesn’t feature on Discogs and only two sales have ever been recorded on the Popsike website; they were cheap too! We’ve coupled it with another great mover, ‘She’s My Baby (Smokey’s In Town)’, which debuts on a 45 – it was unreleased until an Ace LP way back in 1987. Two killer tracks on a lovely Repro design of that colourful early 60s label.

Side A: I SAT AND CRIED – Jimmy Nelson
Side B: SHE’S MY BABY (SMOKEY’S IN TOWN) – Jimmy Nelson