I Am….The Autobiography (Black Friday 2023)

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I Am… The Autobiography might be the the greatest album never released…

Expected to follow up the legendary Illmatic and It Was Written, the concept double-album by Nas features an incredible storyline, where he is born during the intro track, “Fetus (Belly Button Window)”, and dies in the outro of the first disk, “Undying Love”. However, he is reincarnated as Nastradamus in “2nd Chance”, marking the beginning of the second half of the album.

Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of the internet, the album was subject to one of the biggest MP3 music leaks in that point in time, as the LP was bootlegged and slowly leaked into people’s radios. Ultimately, it led Nas to shelf the concept. Instead, he kept some of the material and recorded new songs, splitting it into two separate albums, I Am… and Nastradamus, both released in 1999.

Some of the songs on the original album were included on the official LPs. Some were released on compilation albums such as The Lost Tapes, while others were never released and became lost in time.

Then suddenly on October 5th, 2023, HipHopDX confirmed that Nas was bringing the lost work back to life for an official vinyl release on November 24, 2023, as part of Record Store Day’s 2023 Black Friday event. Described as “a must-have for any Nas and die-hard hip-hop head”, a limited amount of copies will be made, with the album including two unreleased tracks and “many other rarities that have been on limited vinyl and 12-inch previously".

Side A
1. Fetus
2. Small World
3. Money Is My Bitch

Side B
1. Project Windows
2. Poppa Was a Playa
3. Dr. Knockboots (Doe’s and Don’t)

Side C
1. Day Dreamin’ Stay Schemin’****
2. Sometimes I Wonder (feat. Nature)
3. Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive****
4. Drunk By Myself

Side D
1. I Wanna Play***
2. Blaze a 50
3. We Will Survive

This is a Black Friday 2023 title. All Black Friday releases will be available to purchase in store from 10am on Friday 24th November and available to purchase online from 8am on Saturday 25th November.

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