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Limited LP : Limited edition of 1500 copies on silver vinyl

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The Melvins 5th album and first for a major label, originally released in 1993.

6 tracks are co-produced with Nirvana's Kurt Cobain who also played guitar on "Sky Pup" and percussion on "Spread Eagle Beagle".

Includes the singles "Hooch", "Lizzy" and the MTV hit "Honey Bucket".
1. "Hooch"
2. "Night Goat"
3. "Lizzy"
4. "Goin' Blind"
5. "Honey Bucket"
6. "Hag Me"
7. "Set Me Straight"
8. "Sky Pup"
9. "Joan Of Arc"
10. "Teet"
11. "Copache"
12. "Pearl Bomb"
13. "Spread Eagle Beagle"