Mueran Humanos

Hospital Lullabies

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LP : First pressing includes obi strip

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Third album from Berlin duo Carmen Burguess (vocals, drum machines, synths) and Tomas Nochteff (vocals, bass, drum machines) who together make propulsive, unfurling Spanish language songs using experimental, punk and avant-garde methods.

Since their last album "Miseress" at the end of 2015, Mueran Humanos have denyd to expand their audience playing major festivals and most notably completed a full European tour supporting The Horrors, hand picked by the band themselves.

"Hospital Lullabies" is a companion piece to a movie of the same name directed by Carmen Burguess, and without question this is their most refined and cohesive statement so far. While there is a darkness to some of it (fleshed out by imagery of nightmares, childhood terrors, and the trauma of mental institutions), it is balanced by feelings of romance and optimism and an overwhelming sense of childlike wonder.
1. Vestido

2. Los Problemas Del Futuro

3. Alien

4. Detrås De Una Flor

5. Guardiån De Piedra

6. Cuando Una Persona Común Se Eleva

7. La Gente Gris