Jesus & Mary Chain

Honey's Dead

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Again working with Alan Moulder but now also using a live drummer on most tracks -- namely Monti from Curve, one of the Mary Chain's many descendants -- the Reids came back strong with Honey's Dead, on balance a more consistent and satisfying record than Automatic. There's a sense of greater creativity with the arrangements, while the balance between blasting static rampage and precise, almost clinical delivery is the finest yet, making the album as a whole the best straight-through listen since Psychocandy.


1 Reverence
2 Teenage Lust
3 Far Gone and Out
4 Almost Gold
5 Sugar Ray
6 Tumbledown
7 Catchfire
8 Good for My Soul
9 Rollercoaster
10 I Can't Get Enough
11 Sundown
12 Frequency