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Home Cooking

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"Home Cooking" is the new, mature sound of DJ Yoda.
Maximising the experience and enjoyment gained from recording live instruments and prioritising songs over beats for his previous two albums ‘Breakfast of Champions’ and ‘Chop Suey’, this is a big step for the cut-and-paster as a producer, having wowed the world over for over two decades with his celebrated turntable tomfoolery.
Recorded between his own studio and the world famous Abbey Road, "Home Cooking" keeps one foot in the hip-hop old school with collaborations with the returning Jungle Brothers and Boston bastion Edo. G and spreads to a melodic vibe scoring chilled Sunday mornings.
Includes guest spots from Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross and Henry Wu to boot.
1. London Fields
2. Thornton Heath
3. Rising Brook
4. Gospel Oak (CD only track)
5. Kingswood
6. Abbey Road
7. Roxbury
8. Soweto
9. Hither Green
10. Afrika
11. Croxley Green
12. Eastville
13. Boundary Gardens