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Hive Mind

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Show LA R&B group The Internet a trend and they’ll buck it. Give them a recipe for making pop records and the group’s founders Odd Future cohorts Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians will most likely toss in a bunch of sriracha sauce and nitroglycerin just to see what happens. So when it came to topping their Grammy nominated third album ‘Ego Death’, they were always going to give us something a little irregular.

Every member of The Internet recently released solo projects, making this a sort-of end-of-term group project for all members involved. Where academic group projects often go awry due clashing egos or someone doing too much of the heavy lifting, though, ‘Hive Mind’ invites us to enjoy the same noteworthy ethereal beats and off-kilter sounds fans have come to know and love from The Internet, but with the experience enlivened by a group that’s returned from their personal voyages and have something extra to say. NME


1 Come Together
2 Roll (Burbank Funk) - The Internet / Gaz
3 Come Over
4 La Di Da
5 Stay the Night
6 Bravo
7 Mood
8 Next Time / Humble Pie
9 It Gets Better (With Time)
10 Look What U Started
11 Wanna Be
12 Beat Goes On
13 Hold On