Todd Rundgren

Hermit Of Mink Hollow

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Limited LP : Limited edition blue marbled vinyl

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The 8th Todd Rundgren album, originally released in 1978. It was his first album to be written and recorded entirely by Rundgren alone, though large portions of earlier albums also had been recorded alone (such as the first three sides of the double-LP "Something/Anything"). It yielded the singles "Can We Still Be Friends?", "You Cried Wolf" and "All The Children Sing".


All The Children Sing 3:08
Can We Still Be Friends 3:34
Hurting For You 3:20
Too Far Gone 2:38
Onomatopoeia 1:34
Determination 3:11
Bread 2:48
Bag Lady 3:13
You Cried Wolf 2:20
Lucky Guy 2:04
Out Of Control 3:56
Fade Away 3:04