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The Courettes' first two albums remastered and reissued on a 2-on-1 CD! The Courettes are an explosive garage rock duo from Denmark/Brazil, highly praised by the world's coolest music magazines. Their first single for Damaged Goods, 'Want You! Like A Cigarette', was released in 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and received airplay on BBC6 Music in the UK and spins at P6Beat and P4 in Denmark. The first pressing of the 7” vinyl sold out in two weeks. “This extraordinary 45 marries a super-charged pop top side to a charging, rampaging flip" wrote Kieron Tyler (MOJO).

A brand new single, 'Hop The Twig', followed in Spring 2021, featuring an exciting blend of garage, surf, '60s girlie pop and riot grrrl attitude.Back In Mono, the duo's third album is being mixed now in Japan by Wall of Sound aficionado Seike Sato and shows the band in top form, with great songwriting and Spector-esque arrangements.

The album also see them add broader nuances, influences and sound qualities to their garage rock recipe. The tunes are teen-trash-tragedy garage meets The Ronettes and The Ramones in Gold Star Studios’ echo chamber. Fuzz guitars, loud drums, trashy pianos, jingle bells, tambourines and three-minute dance floor garage killers where a Wall of Sound blasts the songs out of the speakers! The album will be released in Autumn 2021 on Damaged Goods Records. With a bit of luck the duo will be back on the road promoting it. Like everybody else, The Courettes can´t wait to have sweaty rock’n’roll shows again! 


1 - I've Been Walking
2 - Go! Go! Go!
3 - Money Blind
4 - The Boy I Love
5 - Push It Too Hard
6 - I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono
7 - Shiver!
8 - We Are Gonna Die
9 - Hoodoo Hop
10 - Time is icking
11 - Come Inside
12 - Nobody But You
13 - T-C-H-A-U
14 - Strawberry Boy
15 - Voodoo Doll
16 - All About You
17 - The Way You Walk
18 - The Teens are Square
19 - Boom! Dynamite!
20 - Fool Fool Fool