The Courettes

Here Are The Courettes (Reissue)

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Limited LP : Cream Vinyl

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Remastered reissue of debut LP with new sleeve artwork! The Courettes´ debut album from 2015. Recorded in only two days by Kim Kix from the iconic PowerSolo in a small, cramped studio in Denmark. Unpolished tunes - fresh, raw and alive tunes - and the garage is shaking! Minimal overdubs, no editing, no auto tune, no bullshit. Punk straight out of the garage and a lot of riot grrrl charisma.
Mixed by Kim Kix and Nikolaj Heyman. The album features eight original songs all in Mono. Now it’s reissued with a new sleeve, coloured vinyl and new mastering making it sound better and louder than ever!


1 - I've Been Walking
2 - Go! Go! Go!
3 - Money Blind
4 - The Boy I Love
5 - Push It Too Hard
6 - I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono
7 - Shiver!
8 - We Are Gonna Die