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Dinked : Limited 'Dinked Edition' of 300 copies on fruit punch coloured vinyl SOLD OUT

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Over his first three albums, Sagar followed his own idiosyncratic vision, a journey that’s taken him from sturdy guitar-based indie-pop to, on 2017’s Fresh Air, a bleary- eyed take on lo-fi R&B. Now, with "Helium", Sagar is putting down roots in aesthetic territory all his own. Landscape that he once viewed from a distance now forms the bedrock of his sound, and from here, he looks back out at the world as if through a light fog, composing songs that feel grounded and intimate, even as they explore a dispersed feeling of isolation.
A1 Early
A2 Anything At All
A3 Like Mariah
A4 Heartburn
A5 All Night Long
A6 Trudi And Lou
A7 Just Like My
B1 Nothing Could Be Better
B2 Other Than
B3 Salu Says Hi
B4 Another Thing
B5 Couch Cushion
B6 (Secret Track)