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180g Heavyweight Black vinyl. Mansur Brown is a 24 year old Artist, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist, from Brixton, London. Mansur released his debut Album “Shiroi” in 2018, followed by EP “Tesuto” in 2020. Mansur’s forthcoming album entitled “Heiwa” is due for release in September 2021, and will be the debut record released on Mansur’s own record label, Amai Records. “Heiwa”, which means ‘Peace’, is an album about “the journey of life and all the emotions that are faced throughout life in the quest to attain true peace of mind and happiness within.” Mansur’s sound rolls out across “Heiwa” like an expansive film score backdrop to the conflict between city and nature and the cycle of life, and spans genres of R&B, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Rock and Electronica.

My Prayer / Serious / Flight / Fade / Take Note / Heiwa / Kerene / Sweet / Want You / Arrival