Charlotte Dos Santos

Harvest Time

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Charlotte Dos Santos exists in a lane all her own. As a fiercely independent producer, singer, composer and arranger, she takes full ownership over her art, imbuing it with feather-light vocals one moment and a rumbling piano line the next. Her warm, emotive and jazz-inflected song writing weaves seamlessly between themes of identity, womanhood and human connection. On Harvest Time , the follow up to Cleo (2017 EP) , Charlotte shows no signs of letting up. These are songs written with an honesty that can’t be neatly placed into a box. Rather, they beautifully tell a story of rebirth, growth, self-belief and empathy.


Side A
A1. Harvest Time
A2. Padre
Side B
B1. Helio
B2. The Snow Dance
B3. Josef