The Exploding Hearts

Guitar Romantic (Expanded & Remastered)

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Limited LP: Pink/Yellow Wisp Clear Vinyl

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Celebrating its 20th anniversary with remastered audio, an expanded tracklist and a gatefold jacket, The Exploding Hearts' instant-classic debut Guitar Romantic is back. With ten undeniable songs clocking in at just 28 minutes, the Exploding Hearts' album operated as the punk rock equivalent of Ernest Hemingway’s writing: Nothing extraneous, simple, straightforward, to the point, deserving of no additional flourish or accoutrement, with every creative decision pushing forward the work as a whole. Arguably, perfect.


01 Modern Kicks (2023 Remaster)
02 I’m a Pretender (2023 Remaster)
03 Thorns in Roses (2023 Remaster)
04 You’re Black and Blue (2023 Remaster)
05 Sleeping Aides and Razorblades (2023 Remaster)
06 Rumours in Town (2023 Remaster)
07 Throwaway Style (2023 Remaster)
08 Boulevard Trash (2023 Remaster)
09 Jailbird (2023 Remaster)
10 Still Crazy (2023 Remaster)
11 Busy Signals (2023 Mix)
12 I’m a Pretender (King Louie Mix)
13 So Bored (2023 Mix)