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First solo album in 6 years from the former Commotions frontman, following 2013's "Standards", and embracing a greater use of electronic sounds.

“Guesswork”, as the title suggests, is a record about the uncertainty of the world as one enters their third act. In terms of song count, it is Lloyd Cole's shortest, however, it is the longest in terms of minutes but the shortest in terms of word count.

His distinguishable voice and sophisticated lyricism invite the listener into the mindset of someone who has reached old age and is coming to terms with it. As Cole puts it: “Because really what have we got to lose?”. At times, the experience of listening to "Guesswork" is akin to sitting in a sleek, state-of-the-art departure lounge, unsure of quite where you're waiting to go.

1. The Over Under
2. Night Sweats
3. Violins
4. Remains
5. The Afterlife
6. Moments and Whatnot
7. When I Came Down From The Mountain
8. The Loudness Wars