Thank Christ for the Bomb

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A hugely influential album cited as the embryo for punk, grunge and beyond. Featuring epic 1970 concepts from this far reaching trio much praised by Underworld's Karl Hyde, Captain Sensible, Stephen Malkmus and a host of others. Thank Christ for the Bomb' is an album is a game of two halves; side one tackling the thermo nuclear threat while side two traces riches to rags alienation in everyday London.

LP: 50th Anniversary Edition. Gatefold sleeve + Groundhogs postcard (download code for the album + bonus tracks on the rear)


1 Strange Town
2 Darkness Is No Friend
3 Soldier
4 Thank Christ for the Bomb
5 Ship On the Queen
6 Garden
7 Status People
8 Rich Man, Poor Man
9 Eccentric Man
10 Garden
11 Eccentric Man
12 Garden
13 Eccentric Man
14 Soldier