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The first compilation of The Jackson Five, originally released in 1971. It includes their opening four #1 singles ("I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save" and "I'll Be There"), two #2 hits ("Mama's Pearl" and "Never Can Say Goodbye"), the #20 hit "Maybe Tomorrow", album track "Goin' Back To Indiana", 2 b-sides and a new track "Sugar Daddy" which reached #10.

This re-issue features the rare quadrophonic mixes, originally released in Japan only in 1975. These mixes used alternate vocals and sometimes emphasized instrumentation not heard in the J5 singles or LP and as a result these versions are much sought-after. As within this edition these mixes are the stereo folds, consumers do not need a special decoder or four speakers to enjoy the music.


I Want You Back 2:58
ABC 2:38
Never Can Say Goodbye 2:56
Sugar Daddy 2:34
I'll Be There 3:35
Maybe Tomorrow 4:46
The Love You Save 2:42
Who's Lovin You 3:57
Mama's Pearl 3:11
Goin' Back To Indiana 3:30
I Found That Girl 2:42