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Great British Twang!

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The “Golden Age” of the twangy UK Beat Instrumental occurred between the late 1950s and the very early 1960s, inspired by The Shadows’ spectacular successes. This compilation presents thirty-four tracks from six guitar-led groups, whose sound and style were pretty much a direct homage to The Shads. First up, we have The Eagles, from Bristol, who racked up airplay with ‘Bristol  Express’ and ‘Exodus’, followed by The Krew Kats, aka Marty Wilde’s former Wildcats (they also recorded as The Tom Cats), who charted with ‘Trambone’. The Fentones, who also backed Shane Fenton, charted with ‘The Mexican’ and  ‘The Breeze And I’, while The Hunters weighed in with ‘Teen Scene’ and ‘The Storm’/’How’s M’Chicks?’ two huge collectors’ items.  

Finally, The Scorpions cut two equally-collectable 45s, ‘(Ghost) Riders In The Sky’ and ‘Rockin’ At The Phil’, while The Packabeats charted with ‘Gypsy Beat’, before famously cutting ‘The Traitors’ for Joe Meek.


The Eagles - Bristol Express / The Eagles - Johnny’s Tune / The Eagles - Exodus / The Eagles - The March Of The Eagles / The Eagles -Old Ned (Theme From Steptoe And Son) / The Eagles - Theme From Maigret / The Eagles - Happy Joe (Theme From Comedy Playhouse) / The Eagles - Theme From Oliver Twist / The Krew Kats - Trambone / The Krew Kats - Peak Hour / The Krew Kats - Samovar / The Krew Kats - Jack’s Good / The Krew Kats - The Bat / The Tom Cats - Tom Tom Cat / The Fentones - The Mexican / The Fentones - Lover’s Guitar / The Fentones - The Breeze And I / The Fentones - Just For Jerry / The Fentones - Gringo / The Fentones - Mick’s Tune / The Hunters - Teen Scene /  The Hunters - Santa Monica Flyer / The Hunters - Golden Earrings / The Hunters - Tally Ho / The Hunters - The Storm / The Hunters - How’s M’chicks? / The Scorpions - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky / The Scorpions - Torquay / The Scorpions - Rockin’ At The Phil / The Scorpions - Scorpio / The Packabeats - Gypsy Beat /  The Packabeats - Big Man / The Packabeats - Evening In Paris / The Packabeats - The Traitors