Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Grasshopper Republic (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Limited edition (of 1000) Mustard 2LP vinyl housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Includes double-sided printed art poster and download card.
Following his breakthrough electroacoustic soundtrack for Candyman and his score for the moody feature Master comes a new soundtrack from the ever-unpredictable composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Filmed over the course of three seasons, Grasshopper Republic follows a local grasshopper trapping team in verité style, as these modern-day prospectors who harvest and sell the insects push into remote forests seeking their fortune by capturing this elusive prey. 
Lowe’s electronic music soundtracks both the seen and unseen moments that produced the films’ holistic abstraction of the intersecting worlds of insects, humans, and economy. “I wanted to be able to create a world which was a justifiable language within that space, and to be able to enhance that experience because the film is experiential and immersive.”


Cold Open Commerce
The Pastor
Start Your Engines
On The Road
River View
Beetle View
Introducing The Nairobi Fly
Building A Village
Crossover World
The Nairobi Fly
The Pharmacy
A Bug’s Life
Land Survey
The Rains Came
The Village
Grasshopper World
Dawn Of The Swarm / Work Dream
The Swarm / After The Swarm
Alternative Beetle View